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Natural Tips to Fight Nail Fungus

Thursday, January 27, 2011

  • Firstly, make sure that you keep your nails clean and tidy. Always try to keep them hygienic. Moist environment will create a favorable condition for the growth of nail fungus. To avoid this you can pat your legs and hands always dry. Other than the moist environment warmth will also help in the growth of fungus. So try to shun the use of shoes regularly.
  • Include more garlic to your food. This has an antifungal capability. You can also take good fungal treatment along with garlicky foods to get rid of the fungus in your nails effectively.
  • You can also soak your feet in lukewarm water with salt dissolved in it. This is a very good treatment for the toe fungus. After soaking your feet you can use a dry towel to pat your feet dry. Even if you do not have the nail fungus problem you could do this every day to prevent the occurrence of fungus in your nails.
  • Aloe vera is yet another natural home remedy to get rid of the nail fungus. They fight against the nail fungus effectively. You should clean your nails properly before applying this in your feet.
  • Tea tree oil is also a great treatment for the fungus in your nails. You should apply this oil in your nails every day after cleaning the affected portion. This has an antibacterial property and helps to fight against the nail fungus. You could apply this very often without fearing about the after effects. Since they are natural remedies, they will harm you in anyway.

The Importance Of Having Acrylic Nails

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do you also want to have acrylic nails on your hands and feet to look like those celebrities when they pose for pictures on the red carpet? Well, it's not impossible as long as you want to go through the process of manicure and pedicure that will leave your nails totally sparkling. But what are the advantages of having acrylic nails, if you may ask?


Manicure and pedicure are parts of a beauty regimen. The old nail polish that makes your feet and hands look old are scrubbed away by a piece of cotton soaked in acetone. You can say goodbye to the old dots that looked like confused rainbows marked on your nails while a professional beautician reveals the plain-looking nails on your feet and hands.

To prevent in groin toenails it is imperative that nails should be cut so that it will not injure the skin. There are many incidents already that amounted to minor operations on the foot just because a nail caused boils or wound on the toe. In coming up with acrylic nails, the professional beautician will cut your nails first leaving about 1/8 -inch for style. The shape will be smoothened and softened to be ready for nail polish application.


Your hands and feet shall be dipped in water with a mixture of aromatic oils and salt. This procedure is intended to remove dead skins and to make the nail polish application very easy. Once you feel that your extremities are soaked to this mixture, you can close your eyes and relax as you enjoy this beauty treatment. Get rid of the worries from your mind and enjoy this simple luxury. You can also smile as the lotion is applied to your feet before the polish is applied.

Improves Circulation

Your hands, legs and feet shall be massaged with oils and lotions. You may even imagine that you are in a spa and not in a beauty parlor because of the soothing effect on your body that this step shall create. The skin will be nourished by the mixture applied on it and by the gentle pressure exerted by the beautician performing this process. The circulation will greatly improve after the massage and maybe you will immediately set a schedule for the next visit to this parlor once the treatment is over because of the relaxed feeling you will have.

In order to have acrylic nails you will stay inside the parlor for more than an hour. Just be patient with time after all you will not even realize that the procedure is over because of the great feeling you will have during the application. You can be assured that the nail technicians and beauticians are qualified to give you the best service.

This is the most important factor in choosing the beauty parlor. So, get up from your couch and leave your nails to the experts to have great looking acrylic nails that can make you feel like a star.
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A Celebration of Colors With OPI Nail Polish

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Women today love the idea of having their nails colored that is why they love going to the salon for an afternoon of nail pampering. Most nail salons; however, use nail polishes that are not of good quality with the color getting dull and the polish itself chipping off after a few days. The only way to solve this is with the use of nail polishes from proven brands such as OPI.

OPI has not only been a celebrity favorite but it has also been the nail polish of choice by the fashion industry. What makes OPI stand out from the rest of the nail polishes is that it gives off a shiny and smooth finish with the top coat making the polish last longer. This may probably be the best nail polish brand you will ever find that maintains its brilliance and luster. The nailbrush is sleek and at the same time, wide, and the lacquer is thick.

OPI nail polishes have numerous and unique colors to choose from that can fit any occasion. The brand's Mexico collection has rich colors of pink and red. The Chicago collection is concentrated on the pink, red, and purple colors. For a summer twist, the brand offers bright and vibrant shades of light blue, green, yellow and other similar colors. Fancy name colors also make OPI a popular choice. Some of these catchy names include No Autographs Please, Chicago Champagne Twist, Russian Navy, Cosmo Not Tonight Honey, Hollywood Blonde, I'm Not Really A Waitress, to name a few.

OPI provides many packages with good deals, which are a constant favorite. Some of them include the OPI's Blushing Bride Beauty Kit, which caters to weddings and bridal affairs. The package consists of colors for the nails, eyes, and lips and includes two shades of nail polish named Self-Conscious Bride. Another popular package is the OPI Nail Polish Art Wheel. It includes a dozen nail incline form, which you can use to make your own nail color patterns. The OPI Brights Collection includes extremely vibrant and dazzling colors reminiscent of summer.

In addition to these collections and packages, OPI tries to keep in touch with the seasons by offering shades suitable to use anytime of the year. For the fall/winter collection, you have the OPI Coleccion de Espana that has cool blue and white hues. The spring collection focuses on light pinks and porcelain peaches. Summer's colors are warm but at the same time bright.

The brand may prove to be more expensive than the rest but the investment is worth it because you will not have to make retouches every so often. Because the company has been in the nail polish industry for over 25 years, you are guaranteed of a longwearing and beautiful product. OPI Nail Lacquer retails for $8.00 in the department stores. Online shopping sites are also one of the places where you can purchase some OPI products. The only drawback is that you will have to shell out more for shipping charges.

What makes an OPI nail polish all the more pleasant is that it is not made from ingredients that contain harmful DPB, Toluene, or Formaldehyde.

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Jenna Bentley Takes Her Talents To The Beach

I’ve had this Jenna Bentley chick on the site before, not because I consider her any sort of celebrity, far from it, but because she seems to really like showing off those massive funbags of hers in little bikinis. I think that’s a good enough reason don’t you? Anyhow, here she is playing on the beach trying to look natural, ignoring the cameras like she didn’t invite them along for the show. She’s not exactly the most beautiful woman in the world, but those big bouncy friends of hers have got my attention. I want to go a few rounds with those things.
Photos : pacificcoastnewsonline.com
Resource :  hollywoodtuna.com

Mila Kunis Gives Me Sexy Looks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obviously most of you already know that the Golden Globe Awards were held last night, I tried to watch, but half a dozen Gin & Tonics and a long ass awards show don’t seem to play well together. Mila Kunis was there and she decided to look pretty damn awesome for me. Here she is in her sexy evening gown giving me bedroom eyes because she knew I was going to get these pictures, you tease, people are watching. Anyhow, I love her and it’s too bad she didn’t win for that swan movie that nobody saw. Enjoy.
Photos :  wenn.com
Resource :  hollywoodtuna.com

Christina Aguilera’s Chubcakes Are Golden

Earlier today I posted some pictures of Christina Aguilera in which she seemed to be putting on a few pounds right before our eyes, her legs looked like they could take down a small mule. So I thought I’d give her another chance by posting some shots of her in her nicest evening gown at the Golden Globes last night. Sadly, she’s still fat. Is she preggers? I must be out of the loop. Anyhow, the only upside to someone like Christina putting on a few dozen pounds is that, at least in the beginning, it all goes to the chest area and I’m all for it. After that, it’s a slippery slope. Enjoy it while you can.
Photos : wenn.com
Resource : hollywoodtuna.com

New Miss America Caressa Cameron

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just in case anyone out there really gives a crap, some chick named Caressa Cameron was crowned Miss America over the weekend. Wooptidoo! This chick isn’t even hot, she looks like an old botox filled soccer mom in a wig. Boring. I guess all the real hot American chicks are too busy trying to break into porn. Anyhow, I’d like to Caressa those boobs of hers….. Come on, that’s quality material right there.
Photos : wenn.com
Resource : .hollywoodtuna.com

Brooke Burke Knows How to Work the Mic

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here’s Brooke Burke hosting the Miss America pageant over the weekend looking a little rougher around the edges than I remember her. I guess all those years of doing nothing have taken a toll on her good looks. Anyhow, I guess I just thought these pictures were kinda hot because I like how she’s grabbing that mic like it’s a big old…. You get where I’m going with this.
Resource : hollywoodtuna.com
Photos : wenn.com

5 Skin Care Rules You Should Follow

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are you taking good care of your skin the proper way? Many of us think we are doing the right thing in keeping our skin healthy. But on the other hand, there are some seemingly good methods that can actually make our skin age faster.

Here are some of the skin care rules you should follow:

1. Stick to one anti aging cream

Switching from one product to another might harm your delicate skin. There are some chemical formulations and ingredients that might interact with other products. Before switching from one product to another, make sure you allow your skin to rest first before trying out another product.

It is more ideal to look for all-in-one natural ingredients. Choose products that have been loaded with CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10. CynergyTK has been extracted from the wool of sheep. This supplies functional keratin to the dermis. Keratin is an ingredient imperative for the production of collagen and elastin. Phytessence Wakame is a type of sea kelp that can prevent the loss of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid levels dwindle because of some harmful enzymes in the body. You should preserve healthy levels of HA as this is the key to the proper lubrication of collagen. Nano Lipobelle HEQ10 is what you need to eliminate harmful free radicals in your system. Free radicals are single electrons that damage cells and DNA.

2. Apply your moisturizer immediately after bathing

While the pores of your skin are still open, apply your moisturizer. This will allow your integumentary system to absorb your moisturizer more effectively. As a result, the moisturizing product can penetrate deeper into your skin.

3. Avoid using AHA peelers with more than 10% of acidity content

AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid facilitates a renewal of skin tissues. It slowly gets rid of the damaged layers of the skin to reveal younger and whiter skin underneath. However, if you are using a strong formulation, it might be too harmful for your skin. Moreover, it increases photosensitivity. You can easily burn under the sun.

4. Always apply sun block 30 minutes before going outdoors

The sun is extremely damaging to the skin. You might not immediately see the effects right now but the sun is usually the culprit to the appearance of 80% of wrinkles on your skin. You should use sun block products with a high SPF content if you are spending more time outdoors.

5. Exfoliate your dermis twice a week

Exfoliation is the key when it comes to removing dead skin cells. Dead cells tend to block the pores of your skin, thereby preventing moisturizers from penetrating deeper. You can try using a mild exfoliating scrub made up of mashed strawberries and yogurt. Apply it on your damp skin.

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Beauty Care Basics: Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair from the body and face has a number of different options that range from quick and easy to more permanent solutions. Depending on the area you want to be smooth and the budget you are on, you can decide which option is best for you.

Shaving: The most common and also the most popular method for hair removal. Both men and women can use blade or electric razors to temporarily remove unwanted hair from the face, legs or underarm areas.
While shaving has relatively no side effects, unless you nick yourself with a blade, it also doesn't last very long. Men usually start to see stubble on the face in about 8 to 10 hours. Women need to repeat shaving legs and underarms at least every second day, if not every day. However, due to the closeness of the blade, shaving with a manual razor does offer a satisfying smoothness.

Laser Removal: Laser hair removal has been used with quite a bit of success, especially on small areas such as the face. Essentially lasers destroy the hair follicle, allowing the existing hair to fall out and preventing new hairs from growing in.

Lasers also have very little side effects, the most common being redness and a possible stinging sensation. However, both of these symptoms are dispelled rather quickly. The procedure is more costly than other methods, but the results are usually permanent, although more than one treatment may be necessary. So, to put it into perspective, think about how much you would spend on temporary methods over the course of a year, and then compare that to a quote for laser hair removal.

Depilatory Creams: Depilatory creams use chemicals to remove unwanted hair and are most commonly used by women for legs and facial hair. The cream weakens the hair shaft allowing it to be wiped away.
It's remarkably simple, but takes a little more time than shaving since the cream must sit on the hair for a few minutes to be effective. Some people with sensitive skin are unable to use these creams, but they work well on normal skin types.

The results of depilatory creams are not permanent like a laser, but they do last longer than shaving, usually about a week or two. So it's great for a vacation or other times when you want a longer lasting effect.
This is just a sampling of the hair removal methods available. Choosing a method comes down to your comfort levels and budget as well as your personal time restrictions. Many people with busy, hectic schedules opt for permanent solutions, while others are simply more comfortable shaving every day.
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