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A Celebration of Colors With OPI Nail Polish

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Women today love the idea of having their nails colored that is why they love going to the salon for an afternoon of nail pampering. Most nail salons; however, use nail polishes that are not of good quality with the color getting dull and the polish itself chipping off after a few days. The only way to solve this is with the use of nail polishes from proven brands such as OPI.

OPI has not only been a celebrity favorite but it has also been the nail polish of choice by the fashion industry. What makes OPI stand out from the rest of the nail polishes is that it gives off a shiny and smooth finish with the top coat making the polish last longer. This may probably be the best nail polish brand you will ever find that maintains its brilliance and luster. The nailbrush is sleek and at the same time, wide, and the lacquer is thick.

OPI nail polishes have numerous and unique colors to choose from that can fit any occasion. The brand's Mexico collection has rich colors of pink and red. The Chicago collection is concentrated on the pink, red, and purple colors. For a summer twist, the brand offers bright and vibrant shades of light blue, green, yellow and other similar colors. Fancy name colors also make OPI a popular choice. Some of these catchy names include No Autographs Please, Chicago Champagne Twist, Russian Navy, Cosmo Not Tonight Honey, Hollywood Blonde, I'm Not Really A Waitress, to name a few.

OPI provides many packages with good deals, which are a constant favorite. Some of them include the OPI's Blushing Bride Beauty Kit, which caters to weddings and bridal affairs. The package consists of colors for the nails, eyes, and lips and includes two shades of nail polish named Self-Conscious Bride. Another popular package is the OPI Nail Polish Art Wheel. It includes a dozen nail incline form, which you can use to make your own nail color patterns. The OPI Brights Collection includes extremely vibrant and dazzling colors reminiscent of summer.

In addition to these collections and packages, OPI tries to keep in touch with the seasons by offering shades suitable to use anytime of the year. For the fall/winter collection, you have the OPI Coleccion de Espana that has cool blue and white hues. The spring collection focuses on light pinks and porcelain peaches. Summer's colors are warm but at the same time bright.

The brand may prove to be more expensive than the rest but the investment is worth it because you will not have to make retouches every so often. Because the company has been in the nail polish industry for over 25 years, you are guaranteed of a longwearing and beautiful product. OPI Nail Lacquer retails for $8.00 in the department stores. Online shopping sites are also one of the places where you can purchase some OPI products. The only drawback is that you will have to shell out more for shipping charges.

What makes an OPI nail polish all the more pleasant is that it is not made from ingredients that contain harmful DPB, Toluene, or Formaldehyde.

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