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The Importance Of Having Acrylic Nails

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do you also want to have acrylic nails on your hands and feet to look like those celebrities when they pose for pictures on the red carpet? Well, it's not impossible as long as you want to go through the process of manicure and pedicure that will leave your nails totally sparkling. But what are the advantages of having acrylic nails, if you may ask?


Manicure and pedicure are parts of a beauty regimen. The old nail polish that makes your feet and hands look old are scrubbed away by a piece of cotton soaked in acetone. You can say goodbye to the old dots that looked like confused rainbows marked on your nails while a professional beautician reveals the plain-looking nails on your feet and hands.

To prevent in groin toenails it is imperative that nails should be cut so that it will not injure the skin. There are many incidents already that amounted to minor operations on the foot just because a nail caused boils or wound on the toe. In coming up with acrylic nails, the professional beautician will cut your nails first leaving about 1/8 -inch for style. The shape will be smoothened and softened to be ready for nail polish application.


Your hands and feet shall be dipped in water with a mixture of aromatic oils and salt. This procedure is intended to remove dead skins and to make the nail polish application very easy. Once you feel that your extremities are soaked to this mixture, you can close your eyes and relax as you enjoy this beauty treatment. Get rid of the worries from your mind and enjoy this simple luxury. You can also smile as the lotion is applied to your feet before the polish is applied.

Improves Circulation

Your hands, legs and feet shall be massaged with oils and lotions. You may even imagine that you are in a spa and not in a beauty parlor because of the soothing effect on your body that this step shall create. The skin will be nourished by the mixture applied on it and by the gentle pressure exerted by the beautician performing this process. The circulation will greatly improve after the massage and maybe you will immediately set a schedule for the next visit to this parlor once the treatment is over because of the relaxed feeling you will have.

In order to have acrylic nails you will stay inside the parlor for more than an hour. Just be patient with time after all you will not even realize that the procedure is over because of the great feeling you will have during the application. You can be assured that the nail technicians and beauticians are qualified to give you the best service.

This is the most important factor in choosing the beauty parlor. So, get up from your couch and leave your nails to the experts to have great looking acrylic nails that can make you feel like a star.
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