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online CPR guidelines and updates

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CPR can be defined as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, where the cardiac arrest victim is provided first aid through mouth-to-mouth respiration and chest compression. Such process circulates the oxygenated bloods to the vital organs of the body and specifically to the brain and heart. The immediate implementation of CPR process manage to keep the person alive till advanced emergency treatments, such as defibrillation - an electric shock to the chest are made available to the victim by the qualified medical professionals in intensive care units in hospitals.

CPR Certification

CPR Certification is the training and knowledge of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation procedures for the emergency aid of the cardiac arrest victim. The earning of CPR Certification in this field can make you keep a cardiac arrest person alive, who may be your family member, a child, your neighbor or any person in the community. The certification also updates your knowledge on latest happening, offer knowledge on the best way of administering mouth-to-mouth respiration and chest compression, inform about the procedures and techniques of CPR.

Why CPR Certification is essential?

In our daily life we usually come across situation, where we find the sudden death of a person due to cardiac arrest or due to untimely immediate treatment. The statistic also shows that less than 10% of the cardiac arrest victims survive outside hospital. Such figure sure starts alarm and make CPR Certification most urgent for common individual to save such victims outside hospital.

Where can you obtain training for CPR Certification? 

If it is your wish to save cardiac arrest victims, you can obtain accredited training in this field from:

·        American Heart Association cpr recertification
·        YMCA
·        The American Red Cross

The certification earned by these associations stays valid for one to two years and recertification training can be completed for further update of your knowledge in this field. You also have the option of attending online CPR programs offered by American Heart Association, which offers flexible timings for your attendance. The programs are nationally recognized.

cpr test AED training trains you on using an automated extern defibrillator or AED and, online courses are offered by AHA and, clinical hands-on experience can be completed with an AHA instructor.


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